Scissor lift hydraulic

Hydraulic scissor lift a versatile and effective solution for quickly moving goods between different levels of the room. The low cost coupled with the ability to reduce personnel costs make the scissor lift a profitable investment with a short payback period. Today, such solutions are already used by leading manufacturing enterprises, logistics terminals, warehouse complexes, shopping centers, production shops.

The carrying capacity of such equipment ranges from 500 to 6000 kg. The lifting speed depends on the lifting height and the lifting capacity. Scissor lifts are recommended to be installed in a pit so that its vertical surface is at floor level.

The scissor lift has a simple structure: it includes a platform with a system of levers (the so-called ''scissors''), as well as a hydraulic drive, which is powered from the AC mains. The electro-hydraulic lift allows loading and unloading in any direction, allows operation in conditions of limited height at the upper level of loading and unloading.

The safety frame, which is equipped with the scissor lift, immediately stops the hydraulic drive if foreign objects get under the platform.

Lifting platform length: up to 6000 mm
Lift platform width: up to 3000 mm
Maximum lift height: up to 6000 mm
Maximum payload: up to 6000 kg
Folded height: 300-800 mm