Laser cutting of metal sheets and pipes



LLC "Soyuz-Continent-SK" - we offer a service for laser cutting of metal sheets, round and square pipes on a high-precision fiber-optic machine with CNC of the latest generation.

The latest equipment and qualified specialists will help you in the shortest possible time and with high accuracy to fulfill any of your orders.

We work both with our own metal and with the customer's raw materials.



Working field dimensions: 1500x3000 mm

Positioning accuracy: ± 0.02mm

Stainless steel up to 5 mm thick

Carbon steel up to 10 mm thick

Galvanized steel up to 3 mm thick

Aluminum up to 2 mm


Round and square tube laser cutting from 20 mm to 180 mm


Requirements for drawings

• File format: .dxf, .igs (for laser pipe cutter).

• Contour of the part at a scale of 1: 1.

• The file should not contain splines, overlapping and intersecting contours, contour breaks, part contours should consist of simple elements: line, arc, circle.

• One of the contour elements must have a reference dimension.

• The flat pattern should be a part outline without fold lines, text, dimensions other than the reference.

• A task file prepared without taking into account these requirements may not be accepted for work, or the time for calculating an order may be significantly increased.