Lifting and handling equipment

Company Soyuz-Continent-SK LTD  expands its range of products and offers lifting equipment.

Lifting and handling equipment it is an effective solution for lifting and moving products and goods.

Such as:

  • Scissor lift hydraulic.
  • Mobile hydraulic ramp.
  • Remote truss.
  • Dock shelter.
  • Dock leveler (dock leveler with rotary or telescopic lip).

We have a highly qualified production facility with new machine-tools. Our own design and project department would develop and design any clients needed equipment.

                 Hydraulic scissor lift                        Mobile hydraulic ramp

                          Scissor lift hydraulic                                                   Mobile hydraulic ramp

                   Remote truss              Dockleveller (dock leveler with swing or telescopic lip)

                              Remote truss                                         Dock leveler (leveling platform)

                    Dock shelter

                                   Dock shelter