Mobile hydraulic ramp

A mobile hydraulic ramp is a special device for warehouse logistics, which is an inclined platform to bridge the difference between the body and the ground.

The mobile ramp allows you to significantly speed up the processes of unloading and loading goods in the warehouse A significant advantage, in contrast to a stationary overpass, is the ability to move freely around the warehouse and beyond using the built-in shipping base.

Here you can buy a mobile ramp with a standard carrying capacity of 6, 8 and 10 tons.

The principle of operation of the hydraulic ramp:

The loader raises the edge of the ramp (there is a special place for grabbing) and brings the ramp to the truck. Using manual hydraulics, one person, pressing the handle of the hydraulic pump, sets the height of the ramp to the required level (from 1100 mm to 1600 mm).

Once installed, the mobile ramp is securely attached to the truck with two chains. The forklift then drives the load along the surface of the mobile overpass directly into the inside of the truck or container.

Thus, all loading unloading operations can be carried out by just one person & ndash; a forklift driver.

As a result, the hydraulic mobile ramp significantly speeds up unloading / loading processes, saves labor costs, optimizes logistics processes and leads to increased profits.

Ramp length: 9000/12000 mm
Ramp width: up to 2100 mm
Payload: 6000/8000/10000 kg
Working height: 1100-1600 mm