Remote truss


A remote truss designed for the installation of dock levelers is used when it is necessary to maximize the use of storage areas. It is installed on open ramps or opposite gate openings, for example, in places where it is impossible to make a pit in the warehouse floor for a dock leveler. One of the advantages of a remote truss is the ability to install and upgrade without changing the structure of the main building.

Thanks to remote trusses, it is possible to organize transfer points where there is no provision for parking trucks perpendicular to the building. Their design allows the use of all types of dock levelers, both with swivel and telescopic lip (not included in the delivery set and ordered separately). Remote trusses are adjacent to the building at an angle of 90°, 60°, 45°, 30°. Installation is carried out using surface-mounted installation, which is quick to achieve with the delivery of pre-assembled assemblies.

Main advantages:
* maximum use of warehouse space;
* possibility of modernization without rebuilding the main building;
* quick installation.